Each year home delivery theft results in billions of lost dollars.   

You may think this is not your problem but the reality is that the price of everything goes up due to profit loss.   Porchie will change everything we know about home delivery.  Porchie is the only delivery box that will solve the theft problem as well as many other social, phycological, and legal problems related to this issue. 

Porchie is a new innovation in the delivery mailbox market.  It is a delivery box that uses a patented clamping system to attach to any door.  No bolts, and no drilling, so anyone can use it in a home, business, condo, hotel, or any door they want to attach it to. Currently it’s locked by a programmable key code lock.  Future versions will have Wi-Fi connectivity for locking and unlocking as well as a security camera. The box also collapses flat to allow for storage when not in use and can be collapsed flat while remaining on the door. 

The other theft deterrent of Porchie is the legal ramifications.  Once attached to your home, tampering with the box  becomes a higher charge, possibly a felony.  Currently stolen goods from open outdoor spaces, or common areas is only a misdemeanor in most states, so the opportunities for theft of this kind could be eliminated.